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  • Configuring the Number of Workspaces on Ubuntu 12.10
    03/28/2013 11:40AM

    I typically like to have more than 4 workspaces for my X Windows sessions.

    Under Ubuntu 12.10 there is a little trickey involved in updating the default configuration.

    First you need to install the compizconfig-settings-manager.  This will enable you to configure the workspace switcher and some other system configs.  Be careful, this will also allow you to break things so only configure what you understand via compizconfig-settings-manager.

    Install ccsm:

    • # apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

    To run invoke (as root):

    • # ccsm

    To configure Workspace Switcher:

    • Go to 'General Options'
    • Click on 'Desktop Size' tab
    • Edit the 'Horizontal Virtual Size' and 'Vertical Virtual Size' to add additional workspaces


    Click the 'Back' and then the 'Close' button

  • Running a Headless Virtual Machine under VMPlayer
    03/12/2013 5:10PM

    If you want to run a headless VM under VMPlayer simply add the following to your vmware preferences file ($HOME/.vmware/preferences):

    pref.vmplayer.exit.vmAction = "disconnect"

    Restart VMPlayer and fire up your VM.  When you quit that VMPlayer instance it will ask you if you are sure that you want to quit and leave the virtual machine running.

    When you quit the player the VM will now be running headless.

  • Preventing resolv.conf From Being Automatically Overwritten with Each Restart or network restart
    03/12/2013 4:56PM

    I am running CentoOS 6.3 and have set up a local nameserver.  As a result, I've customized my version of /etc/resolv.conf to include both the IP of my local nameserver as well as a domain and search configuration directives.

    When I restarted the machine, or if I restarted networking resolv.conf was overwritten.

    It turns out that the contents of the ifcfg-ethN files determine how the network scripts behave and how, or if resolv.conf is modified programatically.

    To prevent this make sure NOT to include a DNS1 (or 2, etc) entry in your ifcfg file and make sure TO include a PEERDNS=no entry.

  • Tabbing To Links Problems in Browsers under Mac OS X
    02/05/2013 3:43PM

    I am working on building some 508 Compliant/Accessible web sites and am testing out how well the navigation works using only the tab key.

    Under Mac OS X with Firefox, Opera, and Safari, by default, the tab key does not cycle through all of the links on a web page.


    • Go to: System Preferences/Keyboard/Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Click on the 'All controls' radio button towards the bottom of the dialog under the text that says: 'Full Keyboard Access: In windows and dialogs, press Tab to move keyboard focus between:'


    • Enabling the aforementioned setting does not do it for Safari
    • Go to: Safari/Preferences/Advanced
    • Under 'Accessibility:' click on the checkbox next to 'Press Tab to highlight each item on a a wepage'


    • Go to: Opera/Preferences/Advanced
    • Click on 'Shortcuts' in the left-hand nav of the dialog
    • Select 'Enable single-key shortcuts'
    • Opera does not implement keyboard navigation the way most other browsers do.  To step through the links on a page, press the 'Q' key to go forward, and 'A' key to step backwards through the links on the page.  'W' and 'S' keys you to navigate between headings <hn> tags.


    • Go to: Chrome/Preferences
    • Scroll all of the way down to the bottom of the settings page and click on 'Show Advanced Settings'
    • Scroll down to 'Web Content'
    • Check the box next to 'Pressing Tab on a webpage highlights links, as well as form fields'
  • Allowing Popups in FireFox from Locally Sourced Files
    02/05/2013 11:37AM

    If you want to allow a popup from a file accessed via file:///home/rchapin/some_dir/somefile.html, open FireFox's Preferences, click on the Content tab, and click on the 'Exceptions' button adjacent to the 'Block pop-up windows' check box.

    Then enter '<file>' in the 'Address of website:' field and click the 'Allow' button.

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