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  • bad owner name (check-names) Error in BIND 9
    10/29/2009 10:58AM

    I added a subdomain to a zone file and when I reloaded named I noticed the following error in messages:

    Oct 29 09:31:06 master named[28254]: tabordesignbuild.com.db:59: beta_live.sampledomain.com: bad owner name (check-names)
    Oct 29 09:31:06 master named[28254]: zone sampledomain.com/IN: loading from master file sampledomain.com.db failed: bad owner name (check-names)

    We are running BIND 9 and after doing a little searching it turns out that with the default configuration for BIND 9 underscores are now verbotten.

    Evidently, if you need to include an underscore "_" in your domain name you can turn off name-checking but that seems to be overwhelmingly not recommended by the wider sysadmin community.

  • Interesting Article Regarding "Freedom" of the Operating Systems on Maemo vs. Android
    10/27/2009 1:32PM
    An article that discusses the level of freedom (User Access Rights, Cooperation and Interoperability, Presence of Closed Source Software, and Freedom in Practic) between Maemo and Android.
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