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  • Allowing Popups in FireFox from Locally Sourced Files
    02/05/2013 11:37AM

    If you want to allow a popup from a file accessed via file:///home/rchapin/some_dir/somefile.html, open FireFox's Preferences, click on the Content tab, and click on the 'Exceptions' button adjacent to the 'Block pop-up windows' check box.

    Then enter '<file>' in the 'Address of website:' field and click the 'Allow' button.

  • Where to get a 64-bit Build of Mozilla Firefox for Linux
    09/07/2012 8:02AM


    If you want to get a 64-bit build of Firefox for Linux, go to the following URL and browse to the most recent version, download and install.


  • Fixing "Software installation has been disabled by your system administrator" Notice When Attempting to Install An Addon for Firefox
    01/05/2012 9:49AM

    When I attempted to install the Web Developer Add-on in Firefox I was presented with the error in the title of this post.

    After some searching it seems that the least intrusive way to go about fixing it is to update the Firefox configuration for your user profile.

    If you are on WinXP look in C:\Documents and Settings\UID\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\fxlme5ka.default.  On my install the following preference was in prefs.js


    user_pref("xpinstall.enabled", false);


    user_pref("xpinstall.enabled", true);

    Save the file and restart Firefox.

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