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  • Backspace, Delete, and/or Return Key Stops Working in Oracle SQL Developer
    08/29/2014 9:09AM

    So, I figure up SQL Developer to run some queries against a QC server and for some reason, I am no longer able to use the backspace, delete, or return keys to edit .sql files opened in the program.

    I tried opening a new .sql file, and restarting SQL Developer.  I then tried restarting Windows.  None of those worked.

    After a bit of searching I found a forum posting that indicated by going to Tools/Preferences/Accelerators and clicking the "Load Preset..." button in the bottom right of the dialog box would fix the problem.  My guess is that some key mapping preference file had gotten corrupted some how and that by replacing it with a default that it fixes the problem.

    After doing so, I was back in business.

  • Unable to Set the Path To java.exe When Running Oracle SQL Developer Under Windows 7
    05/22/2014 1:08PM

    I was trying to run Oracle SQL Developer for the first time on a new machine.  When firing it up, it presented me with a dialog box asking me to "Enter the full pathname for the java.exe file".

    OK, no problem.  So I find the path to the java.exe binary that was just installed with the SDK.  Hit submit . . . and nothing happens.  It blanks out the text field and the dialog box stares back at me.

    I tried pointing it to the java.exe that was in the jre dir.  No joy.

    After a lot of futzing around and doing some searches it turns out that there are a few things that you have to do to get it to run for the first time.

    First, right-click on the Oracle SQL Developer short-cut and select "Run as Administrator".

    Then, in the dialog box, click Browse and navigate to the JDK that comes with the Oracle install.  For me it was in C:\Oracle11G\\jdk\bin\java.exe

    Once I did that it fired right up.  I then quit, and ran it as my user and it seemed to start up just fine.

  • List All Active Sessions in Oracle 11g
    02/01/2012 12:26PM

    Here is a query with which you can see all of the active sessions on an Oracle database:

    SELECT SID, Serial#, UserName, Status, SchemaName, Logon_Time
    FROM V$Session
    Status='ACTIVE' AND
    UserName IS NOT NULL;

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