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  • Firewall for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    09/01/2015 4:16PM

    For whatever reason, Ubuntu 14.04 does not seem to come with a firewall.

    There are however two packages which provide, both a firewall and a handy GUI front-end for it.  UncomplicatedFireWall is the main package (ufw) and the GUI is gufw.

    To install:

    # apt-get install gufw

    This will install the front-end and the dependent packages

    To turn it on:

    # ufw enable

    The default is to block all incoming traffic.

    To update and add your own firewall rules and allow incoming connections

    # gufw

    The GUI is quite intuitive and allows advanced users the ability to create their own custom rules.

  • Use CookieSpy to View and Manage Internet Explorer 9 Cookies on Windows 7
    09/06/2013 10:49AM

    I am doing some client-side testing of IE 9 on Windows 7 and need to be able to view cookies and their associated data.

    The F12 developer tools is insufficient for this task as using the Cache/View cookie information selection only shows the cookies for the current domain that you are browsing in the current tab.

    Moreover, when going to Internet Options, General Tab, clicking on the Settings button under 'Browsing History', and then clicking on the 'View files' or 'View objects' button does not show the cookie files.

    I ended up installing CookieSpy and with it am able to easily view and manage the cookies for all of the (supported) browsers on the machine.

  • Changing the VMWare vmnet IP Range when it Conflicts with a VPN on Mac OS X
    12/21/2012 3:34PM

    If you are running both VMWare (in my case VMWare Fusion 5) and a VPN that uses the subnet you will may need to update the ip range that is used for the vmnet.

    In my case, vmnet8 was configured to use and so was a VPN connection that I was using.

    As a result, if I fired up VMWare first and then attempt to make a connection to the VPN, I could not route to any of the hosts.

    Following is what you need to do on a Mac running OS X:

            . Shutdown VMWare Fusion (simply quit the program.  It must stop the vmware_* services)

            . edited: /Preferences/VMware Fusion/networking
                    . Updated answer VNET_8_HOSTONLY_SUBNET -> answer VNET_8_HOSTONLY_SUBNET
                    . /Preferences/VMware Fusion/vmnet8/dhcpd.conf and /Preferences/VMware Fusion/vmnet8/nat.conf will be automatically updated by VMWare with the config change

            . Fire up VMWare Fusion:

    # netstat -rn
    Routing tables

    Destination        Gateway            Flags        Refs      Use   Netif Expire
    default            UGSc           27        0     en0
    172.16.19/24       link#8             UC              1        0  vmnet1
    192.168.247        link#9             UC              1        0  vmnet8

            . Connect to VPN:

    # netstat -rn
    Routing tables

    Destination        Gateway            Flags        Refs      Use   Netif Expire
    172.16.19/24       link#8             UC              1        0  vmnet1     UH              5        0   utun0     UGSc            1        0   utun0
    192.168.201     UGSc            0       11   utun0
    192.168.202     UGSc            0        0   utun0
    192.168.203     UGSc            0        0   utun0
    192.168.247        link#9             UC              1        0  vmnet8

  • Verizon Fios Availability Map
    08/30/2009 10:08PM
  • DNS Propagation Watcher/Notifier: DNSPinger
    08/21/2009 11:54AM

    When we bring on a new client we typically point their domain to our nameservers and then wait until the DNS propagates to launch a new site.

    Here is a look to a pretty cool tool that will keep an eye on a domain and send you an e-mail when the IP is updated.

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