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  • Thunderbird not able to save to Sent or Drafts folder with an IMAP account
    11/20/2007 4:00PM
    I'm migrating my workstation to CentOS 5.  I've decided it's time to retire my old Mozilla suite install and upgrade to the latest of Firefox and Thunderbird.

    If you are using an IMAP account, Thunderbird has an annoying bug whereby it hangs when attempting to copy a sent message to the Sent, or Drafts folder on the server.

    Click on the Read More link for the fix . . . 
    After quite a bit of searching and trial and error I discovered that by making a small change in the default setting for your account you can get Thunderbird to copy both sent messages and drafts to the server.

    Open up the account settings:

    Edit/Account Settings

    And click on "Copies and Folders" for the account in question.  Under "When sending messages, automatically:" click on the radio button next to "Other" and then simply choose the name of the Sent folder on the server.

    Do the same for the Drafts and you should be all set.
  • Mysterious Yellow Form Fields
    10/30/2007 9:26AM
    If you have ever noticed mysterious yellow form fields on websites, or in my case, had a client call and wonder why there are random yellow form fields on a site that you designed when you know you didn't design it that way, this article should help.

    It's the Google Tool bar in IE, and there is an elegant fix for it that allows you to either disable completely the highlighted fields or customize them and display a special message to Google Toolbar users.
    I discovered this fix on Jon Jensen's blog.  Click here for Jon's full explaination and fix.

    For those who just want the fix without the "blah, blah, blah", here it is:

    1. Add the following javascript to the <head> tag of your HTML document: 
      <script type="text/javascript"><!--

      function setListeners(){
      inputList = document.getElementsByTagName("INPUT");
      inputList[i].style.backgroundColor = "";
      selectList = document.getElementsByTagName("SELECT");
      selectList[i].style.backgroundColor = "";

      function restoreStyles(){
      if(event.srcElement.style.backgroundColor != "" && event.srcElement.style.backgroundColor != "#a0d0ff"){
      event.srcElement.style.backgroundColor = "#CHANGE_TO_CUSTOM_COLOR"; /* color of choice for AutoFill */
      document.all['googleblurb'].style.display = "block";

    2. Change the background color setting in the 5th to the last line where it says #CHANGE_TO_CUSTOM_COLOR" to a color that you would like to use instead of the default Google Toolbar bright yellow.
    3. Add the following above your form, which will render only if the user has the Google Toolbar installed
      <div id="googleblurb" style="display:none;">
        You can use the AutoFill function on the Google toolbar to fill out
        the highlighted fields on this form.
        <a href="http://toolbar.google.com/autofill_help.html"
        title="AutoFill Help Page">Learn more</a>.
    4. Done!  Now when the page loads for a user with the Google Toolbar, they'll see the highlighted forms in a custom color and a custom message explaining to them why they are highlighted.

  • Flash CS3: Enabling Type Annotation Warnings for Compile-Time Checking
    10/23/2007 1:13PM
    Most ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 programmers type all variables in their code.

    In CS3, to enable the type checking during compilation you must do the following:
    1. Using a text editor open the following file in the Flash CS3 installation folder: /en/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/EnabledWarnings.xml
    2. Locate the following line: <warning id="1008" enabled="false" label="kWarning_NoTypeDecl">Missing type declaration.</warning>
    3. Change enabled="false" to enabled="true"
    4. Save the file
    Attached is the updated configuration file
    Attachment: EnabledWarnings.xml 5505 bytes
  • Famous Hacker Says, "Don't use Interenet Explorer"
    10/10/2007 10:10AM
    Jonathan "c0mrade" James, famous for hacking into Pentagon and NASA computers at age 15 gave an interview with PC magazine and was asked about the most preventable security holes that he has seen.  He said that un-patched software was at the top of the list, "and don't use Internet Explorer".

    IE is notorious for opening up computers for numerous browser based attacks.  Looks like c0mrade knows all about them.  IMHO, I'd say, use Firefox.

  • ZenDoc: A Free Documentation Tool For ActionScript
    09/13/2007 9:01AM
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