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  • Test Network Speed of Ethernet Ports
    03/30/2019 8:33AM

    If you have just bought a new (to you) nic card or other networking device and want to test that all of the ports can pass traffic at the expected rate, as long as you have nc and the firewall ports open on a "server" with a known good nic and have nc installed on your "client" device that you want to test it is very easy to test.

    Of course, if you are testing a switch itself, then it is just a matter of having two known good machines to act as the client and the server and to insert the switch between them.

    Ensure that you have a high port that is allowed by your firewall.  On the server side run the following to set up a listening service

    nc -l -k <port> > /dev/null

    Then on the client run the following:

    $ dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=1K | nc -vn <server-ip-addr> <port>
    Connection to <server-ip-addr> <port> port [tcp/*] succeeded!
    1024+0 records in
    1024+0 records out
    1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 9.0998f s, 118 MB/s

    Then, just remember to multiply the MB copied to the server by 8 to get the rate in megabits/s.

  • Hadoop Cluster Sizing Wizard by Hortonworks
    07/13/2015 1:36PM

    Anyone who does any Hadoop development or systems engineering arrives at the "how should I size my cluster" question.

    Hortonworks has a very nice cluster sizing calculator that takes into account the basic use-cases and data profile to help get you started with your hardware requirements.

  • Making the Switch to a Standing Desk
    05/15/2013 9:31PM

    A few years back I had an office mate who used a standing desk.  He said that he had been using a standing desk for many years and that once he got used to it he liked it much better.  Since then, I have noticed a number of studies that indicate sitting for extended periods of time is just plain bad for you.

    For a while I have been wanting to make the switch, and today I took the plunge.

    I've still got a number of issues to sort out to get things right:

    • I've got to get the height correct for my keyboard and mouse
    • I've got to get another MicroSoft Natural Keyboard Elite (which looks like isn't in production any more but is the best keyboard I've ever used
    • Get a proper set of shoes for standing
    • Depending on the shoes, get a stress matt

    I will post some photos and a follow up once I've got everything sorted out.

    The Proper Shoes


    • http://www.bestshoesforstandingallday.com/work-shoes-for-standing-all-day/

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