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  • Internet Explorer Not Deleting Session Cookies
    09/06/2013 2:12PM

    If you are trying to delete session cookies, those cookies with an expires or max-age value of -1 or no value set for that property, in Internet Explorer, you will probably notice that deleting them from the controls in the browser, does not actually delete them.

    Evidently, the IE cookie implementation only writes persistent cookies to the file system and maintains the session cookies in RAM.  Moreover, when telling the browser to delete the cookies, it only deletes the cookies from the file system and does not delete them from RAM.

    To delete session cookies in IE, you will need to restart the browser.

  • Use CookieSpy to View and Manage Internet Explorer 9 Cookies on Windows 7
    09/06/2013 10:49AM

    I am doing some client-side testing of IE 9 on Windows 7 and need to be able to view cookies and their associated data.

    The F12 developer tools is insufficient for this task as using the Cache/View cookie information selection only shows the cookies for the current domain that you are browsing in the current tab.

    Moreover, when going to Internet Options, General Tab, clicking on the Settings button under 'Browsing History', and then clicking on the 'View files' or 'View objects' button does not show the cookie files.

    I ended up installing CookieSpy and with it am able to easily view and manage the cookies for all of the (supported) browsers on the machine.

  • Automate the Download of Windows VMs for Testing IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11 with ievms
    08/26/2013 3:08PM

    I am working on some client-side Javascript and I need to be able to test it in all of the currently extant versions of Internet Explorer.  A collegue of mine pointed me to the ievms project by Greg Thornton (xdissent) that automates the download of multiple Windows vms provided by Microsoft to facilitate testing in multiple versions of IE.


    To get it working under Fedora (RedHad, CentOS):

       . The script requires unar but is not readily available for FC18.  I found a page that indicated 7za provided by p7zip works to unzip the large VM files.
       . cd /
       . Installed p7zip:
          . # yum install p7zip
       . Modified the ievms.sh:

    # Check for the `unar` command, downloading and installing it if not found.
    check_unar() {
        if [ "${kernel}" == "Darwin" ]
            hash unar 2>&- || install_unar
            # Commented out to use 7za instead
            # hash unar 2>&- || fail "Linux support requires unar (sudo apt-get install for Ubuntu/Debian)"
            echo "using 7za . . . "

        log "Checking for existing OVA at ${ievms_home}/${ova}"
        if [[ ! -f "${ova}" ]]
            download "OVA ZIP" "${url}" "${archive}"

            log "Extracting OVA from ${ievms_home}/${archive}"
            # Use 7za instead of unar
            # unar "${archive}" || fail "Failed to extract ${archive} to ${ievms_home}/${ova}, unar command returned error code $?"
            7za e "${archive}" || fail "Failed to extract ${archive} to ${ievms_home}/${ova}, unar command returned error code $?"

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