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  • How to shutdown a Windows XP machine when logged in remotely
    07/03/2009 8:22PM

    If you have ever used a workstation whereby you login through remote access, you'll notice that you cannot shut down the machine (even if you are able to boot it remotely).

    If you want to shut it down simply run the following command at a command prompt:

    %systemroot%system32shutdown.exe -s -t 0

  • ASP .NET Script to Render Selected and Unselected Links Depending on Which Page You are Viewing
    06/16/2009 11:14AM
    Attached is a .zip file that contains the source code and a set of example web pages that will allow you to dynamically render links (or any html tag for that matter) with one of two classes depending on which page you are viewing

    It gives you the ability to render nav bars that display items as selected and unselected.
    Attachment: nbi_asp_navigation.zip 9714 bytes
  • Why does the overflow: auto setting on a div nested in a table cell not render the scroll bars properly in IE 6, IE 7, and Firefox 2 and Firefox 3?
    06/12/2009 10:54PM
    If you have ever seen Firefox 2 and 3, IE 6 and/or IE 7 render the scroll bars on a div that has the overflow: auto property set what follows is a full description of the problem and a solution.

    Click here for said solution.
  • Disabling Sticky Keys under Kubuntu 8.04
    06/04/2009 9:01AM
    I run a number of VMWare virtual machine instances on my Linux host and in one of them I do a lot of Photoshop work.  This involves a lot of holding down the Shift key, which with the default installation of Kubuntu 8.04 enables the sticky keys and slow keys accessibility options.

    To turn this off, go to System Settings/Accessibility and click on the "Activation Gestures" tab.  Then uncheck the "Use gestures for activating sticky keys and slow keys".

    Click the Apply button and how you can hold down the Shift key as long as you'd like.
  • Creating a Skip Navigation Link That is Only Visible When it Receives Keyboard Focus
    03/30/2009 1:26PM
    Adding a "Skip Nav" link to your design can sometimes compromise the look and feel of the page.  Moreover it can confuse those visitors who have no idea what it means.

    A good solution is to create a Skip Nav link that is only visible when it receives keyboard focus.  This happens as a user is tabbing through the page.

    To do so, use the following styles and markup:


    #skip a,
    #skip a:hover,
    #skip a:visited

    #skip a:active,
    #skip a:focus


    <div id="skip">
        <a href="#skip">Skip Nav</a>

    <p><a name="skip"></a>
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