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  • Creating a Bullet Using Text in Photoshop
    11/06/2009 1:56PM

    Ok, so you have some text in Photoshop (on the PC, not the Mac) and you want to create a bullet, but don't want to create some rasterized circle.

    1. Put your cursor where you want the bullet to render
    2. Press and hold the ALT key
    3. Type the following numbers on the number pad 0 1 4 9
    4. Release the ALT key and the bullet will appear
  • Problems with WD Caviar Green SATA Drives
    11/06/2009 1:28PM

    I needed a couple of 1 TB SATA drives to put into external enclosures.

    I have found that in many cases MicroCenter offers prices very close to that found on Amazon, and/or Buy.com.? The thing that I really like about MicroCenter is that they actually have knowledgeable sales people.? When seeing if the drives that I was looking for were in stock the sales associated told me that I wanted to stay away from any of the "Green" drives.? In his experience, not only were they considerably slower (which in this case, didn't make much of a difference to me) but that their reliability was very poor.? The "Green" drives spin at variable speeds so that they will consume less energy.? Evidently, the variable speed mechanism hasn't been sorted out completely and results in catastrophic hardware failure.

  • bad owner name (check-names) Error in BIND 9
    10/29/2009 10:58AM

    I added a subdomain to a zone file and when I reloaded named I noticed the following error in messages:

    Oct 29 09:31:06 master named[28254]: tabordesignbuild.com.db:59: beta_live.sampledomain.com: bad owner name (check-names)
    Oct 29 09:31:06 master named[28254]: zone sampledomain.com/IN: loading from master file sampledomain.com.db failed: bad owner name (check-names)

    We are running BIND 9 and after doing a little searching it turns out that with the default configuration for BIND 9 underscores are now verbotten.

    Evidently, if you need to include an underscore "_" in your domain name you can turn off name-checking but that seems to be overwhelmingly not recommended by the wider sysadmin community.

  • Interesting Article Regarding "Freedom" of the Operating Systems on Maemo vs. Android
    10/27/2009 1:32PM
    An article that discusses the level of freedom (User Access Rights, Cooperation and Interoperability, Presence of Closed Source Software, and Freedom in Practic) between Maemo and Android.
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