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  • Random String Generator
    08/04/2011 4:21PM

    Very handy random string generator:


  • Getting JavaScript CSS Dropdown Menu to Render Over a Flash Component
    07/29/2011 7:52PM

    If you are having trouble getting a DHTML drop-down menu to display on top of a Flash movie try adding the following to the <object> tag that embeds the .swf file in your .html.

    Add the following as a child to the <object> tag:

    <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

    Add the following as an attribute to the <object> tag:


    I was having trouble getting a JavaScript dropdown to render over a Flash movie under IE and after adding the aforementioned tags it works just fine.

  • Compiling .jsp Fragments in Eclipse
    06/03/2011 12:55PM

    The ability to generate HTML or .JSP fragments that you can include on multiple pages of your site enables you to re-use code and increase maintainability.

    However, if you need to include functions (or methods) and fields (or variables) in one fragment that is included on a page and then utilize them in another fragment included in the same page Eclipse will give you compile errors because it concludes that your references are out of scope.

    The solution is quite simple:? Instead of naming the fragments .jsp, use some other extension (.jnc, .jinc, etc) for the fragements that contain references to variables or functions that are included on the parent page and use the <%@ include %> directive as this includes the content of the fragment at compile time.

  • Javascript Debugging Under IE7 with Companion.JS
    06/02/2011 2:16PM
    1. Make sure that you have the Microsoft Script Debugger Engine installed: Script Debugger
    2. Install CompanionJS toolbar.
    Enable the tool bar via View/Explorer Bar/Companion.JS
  • Accessing JSON Data Under IE7
    06/02/2011 1:57PM

    Given the following JSON object:

    var var_affectedAreas = {
    ??? ??? 'areaCount' : 6,
    ??? ??? 'areasList': [
    ??? ??? ????????????? {'enum': 'FILE', 'val': 'F'},
    ??? ??? ????????????? {'enum': 'REGISTRY', 'val': 'R'},
    ??? ??? ????????????? {'enum': 'PROCESS', 'val': 'P'},
    ??? ??? ????????????? {'enum': 'MEMORY', 'val': 'M'},
    ??? ??? ????????????? {'enum': 'NETWORK', 'val': 'N'},
    ??? ??? ????????????? {'enum': 'OTHER', 'val': 'O'}
    ??? ??? ]

    You would think (and rightly so, at least under Firefox) that you would be able to access data in this object via the following:

    areaCell = var_affectedAreas.areasList[var_areasCount].enum;
    areaCell = eval("var_affectedAreas.areasList[" + var_areasCount + "].enum");
    areaCell = eval("var_affectedAreas.areasList['" + var_areasCount + "'].enum");

    However, IE7 does not like that syntax and throws syntax errors.

    The following syntax works under both IE7 and Firefox.

    areaCell = var_affectedAreas["areasList"][var_areasCount]["enum"];

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