Open Source Projects

  • Distributed Diff Map Reduce Tool
    Distributed-Diff is a MRv2 utility for comparing large amounts of ASCII text on HDFS.
  • Hadoop Utility Scripts
    Utility scripts for a local hadoop/hdfs development environment for managing hdfs and hadoop applications in a pseudo-distributed installation.
  • Java Hash Generator Library
    The HashGenerator is a class used for creating hexadecimal hashes for multiple types of input data.
  • LoggerJS: A simple, cross platform logging utility for Javascript development in desktop web browsers

    A while back I was doing some client-side Javascript develop in web browsers that had to be cross-browser compliant.  There wasn't anything readily available that worked so I wrote something myself.

  • Practical CSS Layouts That Work

    Here are a set of CSS layouts that were developed to enable the use of dynamic content, floats and clears in the various columns that did not affect the layout of content on the rest of the page.

    These layouts:

    • Validate (both the markup and the CSS)
    • Are easy to customize and (relatively easy to) understand
    • Maintains their integrity with floats and clears in the columns
    • Do not contain incomprehensible CSS "hacks"

    You are free to modify and use the CSS layouts in accordance with the Creative Commons 3.0 license as long as you include the attribution.

  • Install Mozilla Binaries Script
    Automates the download, verification and installation of distributions of mozilla binaries. Currently, supports firefox and thunderbird and any other binaries that follow the same directory layout on the download site.