1988 Honda Hawk NT650gt

The Honda Hawk is one of my all-time favorite bikes.  I have one that is a race bike and access to this one which runs like a top.

A quick overview of what has been done to it:

  • CBR 600 F2 front-end with re-valved forks
  • Fox shock
  • Two Brothers header and exhaust
  • Dynojet Stage II jet kit
  • RVF400 foot pegs

Other than that, it is totally stock and lots of fun to ride.

  • Photo Album
    A few pictures of this bike from a few years ago
  • RVF400 Foot Peg Upgrade
    The OEM foot pegs on this bike are pretty terrible.  Following is a how-to for upgrading to a set of RVF400 footpegs.