1997 Honda VFR750f

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  • Solution for Swingarm Holes

    For some reason, the single-sided swingarm on the 1994 to 1997 Honda VF750f does not have rubber plugs available to close up the D-shaped casting holes.  As a result the swingarm fills up with road grime (and all sorts of other bits) that can make it nearly impossible to splin the eccentric bearing carrier.

    During my recent (summer of 2016) restoration of the my 1997 VF750f I had initially thought about fabricating some plugs similar to what is found on the NT650.  Instead, I opted to use some heavy duty, Nashua, metal duct tape.  I cut two pieces to fit, and affixed them over the holes after completly cleaning the surrounding surface.

    As long as the tape holds it should do the job, and is only visible if you are looking for it.