Using FlashPaper .swf files in ActionScript 2.0

Macromedia Studio 8 shipped with Macromedia FlashPaper 2.0, a pretty cool app that will take PDF and other documents and convert them into .swf files that you can load into other flash/swf applications.

The following is a quick tutorial on how to load FlashPaper swf files into Flash applications in ActionScript 2.0.

This tutorial assumes that you know the basics of FlashPaper 2.0 and have a usable FlashPaper .swf file.

Essentially, you will include an ActionScript file that will provide → Continue reading “Using FlashPaper .swf files in ActionScript 2.0”

The Nuts and Bolts of Domain Name Ownership

That’s not to say that the proper care and feeding of a domain is overly complex. But before we get into the those details let’s go over some core domain related terminology:

  • IP Address:  A unique numerical address for a server that hosts any Internet service.
  • DNS: Which stands for “Domain Name System.” The primary purpose of DNS is to make it easy for people to access web pages and send e-mails.  DNS translates a given domain name into the
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