[SOLVED] Unable to Connect to ambari-metrics-collector Issues

I was having some issues with the ambari-metrics family of services on a ‘pseudo-distributed’ cluster that I have installed on my workstation.

The symptoms were:

1.  Ambari indicated the following CRITICAL errors in the Ambari Dashboard under the Ambari Metrics section

Connection failed: [Errno 111] Connection refused to rchapin-wrkstn:6188

2.  After attempting to restart the ambari-metrics-collector via either the Ambari Dashboard or through the commandline (# ambari-metrics-collector [stop|start]) you see the following (similar) messages in the ambari-metrics-collector.log

2016-09-02 12:15:37,505 INFO 
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Passing an Array as an Argument to a Bash Function

If you want to pass an array of items to a bash function, the simple answer is that you need to pass the expanded values.  That means that you can pass the data as a quoted value, assuming that the elements are whitespace delimited, or you can pass it as a string and then split it using an updated IFS (Internal Field Separator) inside the function.

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