Following are links on a wide variety of subjects.

Internet, Software, and Technology

  • BIGTHINK is a website that, in their own words has “counterintuitive, surprising, and impactful stories”
  • BitLaw is a comprehensive Internet resource on technology and intellectual property law
  • High Scalability: A blog related to scalability issues with Big Data systems.
  • LinkedIn Engineering Blog
  • Facebook Engineering Site
  • Digital Attack Map: Live global map of current DDoS attacks. This site includes good information about DDoS attacks and provides historical views of some of the more spectacular attacks in recent history.
  • SF Cable: Ethernet, power cables, etc.

Computer Hardware

  • TechnoDeals USA: Drives, RAM and other computer parts. Brandon Faust is awesome! Great customer service and will support the products he sells.
  • SF Cable


  • BikerPeeps: a creation of mine to help evangelize the benefits of wearing the proper protective gear when motorcycling.
  • Moto Retro Motorcycles, Parts and Literature: If you are looking for hard to find parts for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki machines from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and later, try looking here. If you can’t find what you are looking for, use the contact us form and Brett will get in touch with you directly and help you find what you need. I highly recommend Moto Retro for any of your vintage part needs.
  • Speedometer Service Company: If you need speedometer/odometer repairs, get in touch with Roger.  He did a wonder job repairing a speedo for one of my NT650GTs.
  • CMS Classic Motorcycle Parts: If you local/US based OEM parts supplier can no longer get the part for your Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, or Yamaha check out their website.  They have a lot of parts for 90’s bikes.
  • TT Moto Gear – Kushitani Retailer in the US: There are not a whole lot of places in the US to get Kushitani gear, which I really like. Sam at TT Moto Gear is really helpful and makes it easy to order over the phone or online.  I highly recommend Sam and TT Moto Gear if you are looking for Kushitani gear.
  • If there are consumable parts for your classic or vintage bike that are no longer made by the manufacturer they might have aftermarket replacements.
  • WER Steering Dampers: I put a WER steering damper on my race bike back in the 90’s and Works Enduro Rider is still going strong. They make great products that are applicable for road going bikes as well and will rebuild and service your damper if you send it to them.
  • Bike Bandit offers a lot of great parts for bikes and their customer service is wonderful.  They are easy to get on the phone and will help you sort out any problems with your order.
  • JBMIndustries – Replacement Parts for Vintage Carburators: Paul Csornok runs JBM Industries and makes a whole host of replacement parts for vintage motorcycles. I put a set of replacement CV diaphragms on a Honda NT650 GT and they worked perfectly.
  • Fusion One USA Motorcyle Exhaust Repair: Fusion One USA provides exhaust header and silencer repair services for two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycle exhaust system.  On top of which, Joe, the proprietor is more than willing to talk to you over the phone, look at pictures that you email him and give you some advice and consulting on what is best for your particular situation.
  • Keyster Carburetor Performance Kits: Replacement carb parts.
  • Lots of parts especially for older bikes
  • TAS Machine Co: Wheel straightening and machine shop. They have straightened a number wheels for me (don’t ask) and did a great job.
  • Touratech USA: Motorcycle touring gear and parts. They had armor pads that I needed for leathers.
  • Motorcycle Spare Parts

Honda Hawk NT650GT

  • 520 Conversion Rear Sprocket for NT650 GT: Vortex still provides a 520 pitch rear sprocket for the Hawk.  They also still make OEM replacement steel rear sprockets.
  • 520 Conversion Front Sprocket for NT650 GT: It seems that there are not a lot of places to source a 520 front sprocket for the Hawk anymore. still offeres them.  IIRC I did have to e-mail and ask them and they posted it on their site.

Car and Trucks


Water Filtration and Treatment

Safety Equipment

  • Parcil Safety: Respirators and face masks
  • Nitrile Gloves: Microflex Midknight MK-296 Black Medium Powder Free Disposable Gloves
    • ToolDiscounter: Found a good deal on case of Microflex, MidKnight Powder Free Black Nitrile Gloves: MK-296-M-CASE

Construction Contractors


Garage Door


  • Scates Corporation in the Frederick, MD area

Tree Trimming and Removal

Water Treatment and Plumbing