Earthly Cheat Sheet

I have just recently started using Earthly and the following is a list of commands that I want to keep track of


Completely clearing the cache: Earthly stores artifacts in docker volumes. If you want to completely flush that data and start fresh run the following

docker stop earthly-buildkitd && \
docker rm earthly-buildkitd && \
docker volume rm earthly-cache
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git Cheat Sheet

A handful of handy git commands that I don’t use all that often but want to keep track of:


Stash a single file

git stash push -m 'message here' -- path/to/file

Drop a specific stash

First figure out the id of the stash you want to drop with git stash list, then issue the following command

git stash drop stash@{n}

Editing Commits

Changing author of already pushed commit

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