“Under Construction” means “I’ll never get to it”

When people see a website with an “Under Construction” or similar message it typically translates to “This site will never be updated, don’t bother coming back”.

A much better approach is to publish whatever content you have, and add to it later.
There are two main reasons why the “Under Construction” message has turned into the kiss of death for a website:

  • It’s so over used
  • and in many cases that message will sit on a website for
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Kerry’s Trying to Screw Things Up . . . Again

Dear Mr. Kerry,

It wasn’t bad enough that you choked on defending yourself from Bush’s swift-boating and your huge gaff just before the ’06 election, now you are supporting Obama?

Dude, please, for the good of the country, just go home and keep your mouth shut.

The Democrats best bet for a win in ’08 is Edwards and you seem to have turned your back on him.

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