Search and Replace for a New Line Character in VI

For all of you out there who use vi on a regular basis . . . I recently needed to do a search and replace on a large document and needed to key off of the new line characters in the document.

After a bit of searching here’s what I found:

If you need to do something like, search for all new lines and add the new line plus "foo" do the following:


You get the ^M character by → Continue reading “Search and Replace for a New Line Character in VI”

Building Value in the Internet Age

In age where it’s easy to copy anything that can be put on the Internet, how do you build and maintain value in intellectual property that is perceived as something that should be free?

Here is an excellent article by Kevin Kelly and articulates this new paradigm.→ Continue reading “Building Value in the Internet Age”

Embedding Flash with Valid Markup

Anyone who has tried to W3C validate a page with the default output from Flash knows you get a slew of errors.

Here’s a great article on modifying your <object> and <embed> tags so that your pages will validate.

Flash Satay: Embedding Flash While Supporting Standards by Drew McLellan

Here’s a quick example that you can run with that includes the markup for a transparent background:

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="368" height="201" data="icms_art/nbir5.hdr.anim.swf">
<param name="allowScriptAccess" value="sameDomain" />
<param name="allowFullScreen" value="false" />
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Mounting Logical Volumes Under Linux

Let’s say you have a disk that you want to put in an external USB enclosure, mount and read some files.  What if it’s a boot disk that uses LVM?  What if you have two LVM groups with the same name?

Here’s a quick how-to on mounting just this type of LVM volumes from a USB disk.

When you first attach your disk in it’s USB enclosure you should be able to see which device it is associated with by → Continue reading “Mounting Logical Volumes Under Linux”

A Changing Political Lanscape Requires a Different Tune

Well, since Edwards has dropped out of the race and now it’s between Obama and Clinton, I’m changing my tune.

Obama is our best bet for a win, as a result I’m supporting him as the nominee.

Why? Hillary can’t win a general election and here are what I think are the reasons why:

  • There are many people who will cast a vote against her vs. for McCain
  • If she is the nominee it will galvanize the Republicans behind
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