Creating MovieClips with Button States in AS 2.0

Here is a quick tutorial on how to create MovieClips that act like buttons using ActionScript 2.0.  Attached is a sample .fla file with a complete, working example.

  1. Create a new Flash document for AS 2.0
  2. Create whatever graphic/shape that you would like and convert it to a symbol.  Double click on on it with the selection tool, and then press F8 to open the create symbol dialog box, or right click on it and select "Create Symbol".  Make sure
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Doing a Little Something to your Site is Better than Doing Nothing

Recently, I have gotten back into roadracing motorcycles after a 7 year hiatus (here are some photos that Yermo took this past weekend, 2008-09-20).  Before the weekend, I had to get some minor repairs done to my leathers.  I called and talked to Connie at Vanson (the company that made the leathers) and they asked me the last time that I’d given them a cleaning.  I had to admit that it had been quite a long time.  A full-on → Continue reading “Doing a Little Something to your Site is Better than Doing Nothing”

An Open Letter to

I am just as much progressive as everyone of the hard-working people at and am doing what I can to help elect Obama.

However, I think that MoveOn might make a bigger impact if you learned from the masters, and by that I mean the Republicans.

I’ve seen a number of recent e-mails lamenting the horrible ads and slander of the McCain campaign that beg the membership to donate so that the truth can be told.

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