Screen Cheat Sheet

I have recently be introduced to the *nix screen command.  Incredibly powerful tool for managing windows which mulitplexes a physical terminal between one or many processes.  One of the uses it to maintain interactive shells on a remote server between remote connections to the machine.

It is enormously helpful when executing long running commands on remote servers.  Especially those that timeout your ssh connection and or from machines that you are going to either disconnect from the net or shutdown.→ Continue reading “Screen Cheat Sheet”

Quick and Dirty HTTP Server to Transfer Files

If you need to stand up a quick HTTP Server to enable someone on your LAN to transfer some files use the following command in the directory that you want to ‘share’:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

The default port is 8000, but you can run it as follows to specify a port

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080Continue reading “Quick and Dirty HTTP Server to Transfer Files”