A Library of Pre-Configured, Linux, VMWare Guests

A collegue pointed me to ThoughtPolice.co.uk:? a website with an entire library of VMWare images of various Linux distros.

to play around with some different distros of Linux, here’s a great way
to try out a wide selection really quickly (as long as you have a lot
of bandwidth).→ Continue reading “A Library of Pre-Configured, Linux, VMWare Guests”

How To Remove Desktop Security 2010

My parent’s Win XP box became infected with Desktop Security 2010 and I was tasked with it’s removal and cleanup.

Following are the steps that I took, some of which required some additional digging and experimentation that was not in the top 10 or so search results.

The first hurdle was to actually get access to the Windows Desktop.

In this case when the machine booted to Windows the Desktop Security 2010 program would essentially take over the machine. I → Continue reading “How To Remove Desktop Security 2010”

Setting Up SSH Keys to Connect from Windows to a Linux Server with Putty

The following is a how to on getting putty set up putty on a Win XP box to enable you use an RSA (or DSA) private/public key pair to connect to a linux server over SSH.

  • Generate your keys on the linux server to which you want to connect.
  • SSH to your server
  • go to your home directory .ssh/
  • Enter the following command to generate the key pair:
  • # ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • Enter a passphrase for your keys

This will → Continue reading “Setting Up SSH Keys to Connect from Windows to a Linux Server with Putty”