List the Roles for a User or Service Account in a Specific GCP Project

If you do not have web console permissions to do so, but have the ability to activate a service account that has the viewer permissions or IAM permissons to list IAM roles in a given project, the following is how you can list the roles for a given user or service account.

gcloud projects get-iam-policy <gcp-project\
--filter="bindings.members:<email-address" \
--flatten="bindings[].members" --format="table(bindings.role)"
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Compiling Python Under Linux

The following should work with just about any version of Python. I am using it to compile, currently 3.10.x, on distros where those packages are not readily available for installation. The following is a quick how to on getting it compiled under both RedHat/CentOS/Almalinux and Debian based systems.

Download the Tarball for the Version You Want To Install

Download the tar.gz archive for the version that you want to install from here. Verify the download and then save the → Continue reading “Compiling Python Under Linux”

Using fc to Edit and Re-execute Bash Commands

I recently learned about the Bash built-in fc. It is a great tool that enables you to edit and re-execute commands from your bash history.

Oftentimes there is a command in your history that instead of just grepping through the history and then re-executing as-is you’ll want to make a modification or two. With fc you can first edit it in your favorite editor and then when closing the editor fc will execute the command.

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