Earthly Cheat Sheet

I have just recently started using Earthly and the following is a list of commands that I want to keep track of


Completely clearing the cache: Earthly stores artifacts in docker volumes. If you want to completely flush that data and start fresh run the following

docker stop earthly-buildkitd && \
docker rm earthly-buildkitd && \
docker volume rm earthly-cache
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Git Merge Conflict Resolution Cheat Sheet

Some of git’s nomenclature can be confusing, especially since it is context dependent. Following are some TLDR;s for dealing with resolving merge conflicts in different scenarios.

–ours vs –theirs

The meaning of --ours vs --theirs can depend on whether you are doing a rebase or a merge.

Assuming that the feature branch is checked out

git merge developgit rebase develop
To keep changes from develop--theirs--ours
To keep changes from feature--ours--theirs

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