How to Pick a Domain Name

A domain name is an alphanumeric string of characters that identifies individual websites and e-mail addresses on the Internet. It must be less than 63 characters in length, not including the characters in the TLD (Top Level Domain) suffix (.com, .net, etc.). A TLD suffix is a part of all domain names and indicates the type of organization for a given domain. Following is a list of common TLDs:

  • com: commercial businesses
  • net: organizations involved with Internet infrastructure (ISPs
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Snow Leopard Upgrade Causing ‘Spinning Wheel Of Death’

Information Week has posted an article that indicates many people are having problems upgrading their Macs to Snow Leopard. It looks like Apple is trying to pull a Vista on it’s user base: release an update that isn’t ready and is going to make more headaches for users than solve problems. At the bottom of this article is a link to “100 Incompatible Mac Apps” for Snow Leopard (here is a link to the Wiki with Continue reading “Snow Leopard Upgrade Causing ‘Spinning Wheel Of Death’”