VMWare: Fix for arrow and delete keys not working

Under VMWare Workstation 6.5 I noticed that the arrow keys no longer worked.  After a bit of searching around I found the following:
Edit your "/etc/vmware/config" file and add:

xkeymap.keycode.108 = 0x138 # Alt_R

xkeymap.keycode.106 = 0x135 # KP_Divide

xkeymap.keycode.104 = 0x11c # KP_Enter

xkeymap.keycode.111 = 0x148 # Up

xkeymap.keycode.116 = 0x150 # Down

xkeymap.keycode.113 = 0x14b # Left

xkeymap.keycode.114 = 0x14d # Right

xkeymap.keycode.105 = 0x11d # Control_R

xkeymap.keycode.118 = 0x152 # Insert

xkeymap.keycode.119 = 0x153 # Delete

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CRiSP Not Accepting a License Key

I have recently been introduced to CRiSP, an amazing text editor.

Also recently, I had Xwindows crash on me while I had a running instance of CRiSP.  When I went to fire up CRiSP again it told me I was in demo mode and that I needed to get a license.    I have a fully licensed copy

I e-mailed the nice folks at CRiSP and within a few hours they e-mailed me back with the fix.

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The Importance of Keeping Your Story Straight

When developing any content related to your business keeping your story straight is an important principle to keep in mind that helps to develop and maintain good relationships with your clients and prospects.

The recent news story about FaceBook’s change to their terms of service is good example of how not following this business communication principle can lead to a lot of ill-will with your customers and create a lot of bad PR
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