Writing BIG Articles

In the latest DoshDosh article he not only provides good actionable (I can do this right now) information for people and their websites, but provides back-up information, links to other blogs and articles and books that he has written.

Instead of just putting together a 500 word article about something he writes a paper, of sort. Does he research and then synthesizes that information into something that is relevant to the online marketing worldf→ Continue reading “Writing BIG Articles”

Creating a Bullet Using Text in Photoshop

Ok, so you have some text in Photoshop (on the PC, not the Mac) and you want to create a bullet, but don’t want to create some rasterized circle.

  1. Put your cursor where you want the bullet to render
  2. Press and hold the ALT key
  3. Type the following numbers on the number pad 0 1 4 9
  4. Release the ALT key and the bullet will appear
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Problems with WD Caviar Green SATA Drives

I needed a couple of 1 TB SATA drives to put into external enclosures.

I have found that in many cases MicroCenter offers prices very close to that found on Amazon, and/or Buy.com. The thing that I really like about MicroCenter is that they actually have knowledgeable sales people. When seeing if the drives that I was looking for were in stock the sales associated told me that I wanted to stay away from any of the “Green” drives. In → Continue reading “Problems with WD Caviar Green SATA Drives”