Possible Remediation for Stagefright Android Vulnerability

By now, everyone is aware of the Stagefright vulnerability in Android.  It isn’t as much the name of the vulnerability but a media player library used in Android.

It seems that one of the ways to remediate the vulnerability is to configure your text messaging application to NOT auto-retrieve Multimedia messages (MMS).  On my phone that is under the Advanced Settings, “Auto-retrieve Automatically retrieve messages”.

The other thing that I did was disable Google Hangouts.  I don’t use it on → Continue reading “Possible Remediation for Stagefright Android Vulnerability”

Hadoop Cluster Sizing Wizard by Hortonworks

Anyone who does any Hadoop development or systems engineering arrives at the “how should I size my cluster” question.

Hortonworks has a very nice cluster sizing calculator that takes into account the basic use-cases and data profile to help get you started with your hardware requirements.→ Continue reading “Hadoop Cluster Sizing Wizard by Hortonworks”