Mysterious Yellow Form Fields

If you have ever noticed mysterious yellow form fields on websites, or in my case, had a client call and wonder why there are random yellow form fields on a site that you designed when you know you didn’t design it that way, this article should help.

It’s the Google Tool bar in IE, and there is an elegant fix for it that allows you to either disable completely the highlighted fields or customize them and display a special message → Continue reading “Mysterious Yellow Form Fields”

Flash CS3: Enabling Type Annotation Warnings for Compile-Time Checking

Most ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 programmers type all variables in their code.

In CS3, to enable the type checking during compilation you must do the following:

  1. Using a text editor open the following file in the Flash CS3 installation folder: /en/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/EnabledWarnings.xml
  2. Locate the following line: <warning id="1008" enabled="false" label="kWarning_NoTypeDecl">Missing type declaration.</warning>
  3. Change enabled="false" to enabled="true"
  4. Save the file

Attached is the updated configuration file→ Continue reading “Flash CS3: Enabling Type Annotation Warnings for Compile-Time Checking”

Famous Hacker Says, “Don’t use Interenet Explorer”

Jonathan "c0mrade" James, famous for hacking into Pentagon and NASA computers at age 15 gave an interview with PC magazine and was asked about the most preventable security holes that he has seen.  He said that un-patched software was at the top of the list, "and don’t use Internet Explorer".

IE is notorious for opening up computers for numerous browser based attacks.  Looks like c0mrade knows all about them.  IMHO, I’d say, use Firefox.

Read the full article.
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Write Your Website Content with Your Visitor In Mind

During website content discussions with clients, NBI frequently hears the same three questions:

  1. "What should we say about ourselves?
  2. What do we want our website visitors to do on our site?
  3. and how do we make it easy for them to do what we want?"

Our response to these questions is "Tell us about information that your typical prospect is looking for when they first contact you."

The answer to this question helps you craft content that is → Continue reading “Write Your Website Content with Your Visitor In Mind”