Implementing a Stack in Go

One of the key features in go is simplicity. As a result there are a number of utilities and data structures that are common in other high-level languages that do not come with the go stdlib.

One of them is a stack. Following is a very simple implementation of a stack that uses a slice to store the data.

The following is an implementation of a simple stack that takes any kind of pointer.

import "fmt"

type Stack[T any] struct 
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curl HTTPS Over an SSH Tunnel

If you want to execute curl commands on your local machine and connect to an HTTPS server that is only reachable from a bastion or other host through which you can only get to via SSH, the following is how you set up the SSH tunnel and execute the curl command.

The following will not work

# Create ssh tunnel
ssh -L

# Attempt to hit the endpoint otherwise accessible from
# with curl -X GET 
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