Test Network Speed of Ethernet Ports

If you have just bought a new (to you) nic card or other networking device and want to test that all of the ports can pass traffic at the expected rate, as long as you have nc and the firewall ports open on a “server” with a known good nic and have nc installed on your “client” device that you want to test it is very easy to test.

Of course, if you are testing a switch itself, then it → Continue reading “Test Network Speed of Ethernet Ports”

Mounting a Samba Share From Linux Client to Linux Samba Server

In order to be able to access a Samba share on a remote client as a mounted file system execute the following command, as root on the client:

mount -t cifs -o user=<user-on-samba-share,uid=<uid-on-local-macheine,gid=<gid-on-local-machine,rw,workgroup=<your-workgroup//ip/share /mnt/mount-point-dir

You will be prompted for the password for the user defined on the Samba server.

If you are able to authenticate, and then get the following error:

ls: reading directory .: Permission denied

Check the SELinux context type of the directory on → Continue reading “Mounting a Samba Share From Linux Client to Linux Samba Server”

Firewall for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

For whatever reason, Ubuntu 14.04 does not seem to come with a firewall.

There are however two packages which provide, both a firewall and a handy GUI front-end for it.  UncomplicatedFireWall is the main package (ufw) and the GUI is gufw.

To install:

apt-get install gufw

This will install the front-end and the dependent packages

To turn it on:

ufw enable

The default is to block all incoming traffic.

To update and add your own firewall rules and allow incoming → Continue reading “Firewall for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS”