How to Find Ingested Foreign Objects in Poop

Admittedly, not the most savory subject. But, for those of us with pets and/or children it is sometimes a necessity to try to find a previously ingested foreign object in feces to make sure that it does not cause medical problems in the person or animal that has accidentally eaten it.

Recently, we thought our dog had eaten a relatively small magnet and figured that we would have to be checking his feces over the next few days to ensure → Continue reading “How to Find Ingested Foreign Objects in Poop”

Giving the Gift of Perspective

I’m listening to NPR this morning and hearing about the expensive and extravagant hot children’s gifts this season. Almost reading my mind, Morning Edition plays a commentary that expresses exactly what I was thinking.

Dawn Price worries that we are teaching our children that they are entitled to anything that they want and that there are so many other less fortunate children in the world who are faced with poverty, hunger, war and worse.

Listen to Dawn’s Commentary
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The AAP Speaks Out About Ads Targeting Children

The AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) released a statement indicating that there are so many advertisements bombarding our children that they fear for their health.

Not mentioned in the article; what does this say about our society and the evolution of consumerism and capitalism? . . . We are now raising a generation that has been bombarded with advertisements and conditioned to be such avid consumers. How will this affect the continuing degradation of our environment and our natural resources?→ Continue reading “The AAP Speaks Out About Ads Targeting Children”

PKU Heel-stick screening. What is it and why it’s important

Here’s a couple of links that explain PKU testing.

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Possibly the Most Damaging Cover-Up in US History

It seems that vaccine industry, members of Congress, and the CDC may have colluded to cover-up what may end up being one of the nations great medical disasters:  the thimerisol-autism link.

A terrifying article about not only the danger of thimerisol laced vaccines but the cover-up by our leaders and those who we thought were looking out for our children.Continue reading “Possibly the Most Damaging Cover-Up in US History”