VSCode Change Indent for File Explorer Tree

For me, I have a hard time distinguishing between the folders, sub-folders, and files in the file explorer of VSCode because the indent is not very pronounced.

In order to increase the indent go to File -Preferences -Settings. Search for “indent” and then click on Workbench in the left-hand side navigation pane of the settings window and scroll down to Workbench Tree: Indent and then enter the number of pixels for the tree indentation. I doubled it, going → Continue reading “VSCode Change Indent for File Explorer Tree”

Visual Studio Code Cheat Sheet under Linux

As I’m still learning vscode, I’m keeping track of a cheat sheet for shortcuts and other functionality for the IDE.

The following is under Linux, specifically Debian 10 with XFCE.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Edit a string in the entire file that matches exactly the string that you have highlighted. For example: you might have a comment, or a variable name, in a file that you want to find and change globally. Highlight the string and then type CTRL+Shift+L then type the
Continue reading “Visual Studio Code Cheat Sheet under Linux”

VSCode Keyboard Shortcut to Navigate Between Split Panes

In general, I cannot stand using a mouse. It hurts my hand and takes up a ton of time having to move my hand from the keyboard, to the mouse, move the mouse, click, and then move back to the keyboard.

I am a relatively new VSCode user and was pleased that it has a really good vim emulator. I almost always write code in a split screen so that I can either see two different files at the same → Continue reading “VSCode Keyboard Shortcut to Navigate Between Split Panes”