How to Pick a Domain Name

A domain name is an alphanumeric string of characters that identifies individual websites and e-mail addresses on the Internet. It must be less than 63 characters in length, not including the characters in the TLD (Top Level Domain) suffix (.com, .net, etc.). A TLD suffix is a part of all domain names and indicates the type of organization for a given domain. Following is a list of common TLDs:

  • com: commercial businesses
  • net: organizations involved with Internet infrastructure (ISPs
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FaceBook Allows 3rd Party Advertisers to Use Your Photos Without Your Permission

or, how to modify your setting such that your content is better protected.

kdawson posted an article on Slashdot about the fact that FaceBook is allowing third party advertisers to use your photos in their ads. The article also includes a link to an article about how to modify your settings so that your photos don’t show up.

Here is how to make the change:

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The Nuts and Bolts of Domain Name Ownership

That’s not to say that the proper care and feeding of a domain is overly complex. But before we get into the those details let’s go over some core domain related terminology:

  • IP Address:  A unique numerical address for a server that hosts any Internet service.
  • DNS: Which stands for “Domain Name System.” The primary purpose of DNS is to make it easy for people to access web pages and send e-mails.  DNS translates a given domain name into the
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