Write Your Website Content with Your Visitor In Mind

During website content discussions with clients, NBI frequently hears the same three questions:

  1. "What should we say about ourselves?
  2. What do we want our website visitors to do on our site?
  3. and how do we make it easy for them to do what we want?"

Our response to these questions is "Tell us about information that your typical prospect is looking for when they first contact you."

The answer to this question helps you craft content that is more appropriately targeted to your website audience, and this content will help you drive more traffic to your website.

An effective website is designed to provide information valuable to your target audience. Top ranked websites, in any industry, always have the same basic characteristics.

  • They all provide free, valuable information,
  • in an easy to use format,
  • that is relevant to the target audience.

The three main reasons why writing your content with your visitor in mind is a good way to go:

  1. Visitor centric content typically generates a lot of relevant traffic from links on other websites. What is relevant traffic and why is that good? Relevant traffic is website visitors coming to your site who are already interested in whatever product or service that you provide. Having someone come to your accounting firm, or catering company website who is already interested in what you do greatly increases your chances of making a sale.
  2. Visitor centric content helps increase your search engine rankings. The aforementioned links that drive that relevant traffic, they also help with your search engine rankings. The more relevant links TO your site on the Internet, the higher your site ranks in search engines.
  3. Providing good, reliable, free information is part of the nature of the Internet. The Internet is an open, vibrant, global community and much of what makes the Internet possible is free and part of the public domain. By offering your content you get the opportunity to contribute to what makes the Internet great.

When thinking about the content of your site, think about things that you know about your type  of business or organization that would be of value to a website visitor; things that would help make them an informed consumer and a confident buyer. Get that content out there, and you should see good things happen on your website.

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