“Under Construction” means “I’ll never get to it”

When people see a website with an “Under Construction” or similar message it typically translates to “This site will never be updated, don’t bother coming back”.

A much better approach is to publish whatever content you have, and add to it later.
There are two main reasons why the “Under Construction” message has turned into the kiss of death for a website:

  • It’s so over used
  • and in many cases that message will sit on a website for years before anyone gets around to updating that page

You are much better off having a single page with a paragraph about your business with a contact form and phone number than having a bunch of empty pages with “Under Construction” messages on them.

There is no good reason to advertise what you haven’t yet done on your site, so just add those pages later.

One of the things that will make it more likely that you’ll actually add those pages is using a content management system or focusing on writing the content and then handing it off to a web developer to make the updates for you.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with having a one page website as long as it tells visitors something about you, what you can do for them, and gives them an easy way to get in touch with you.

Your website is (and should be) an ever evolving resource for your prospects and clients, so don’t stress about it being “finished” or “perfect”.  It’s better to go with what you have, than advertise to people what they are missing.

— Ryan Chapin

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