A Changing Political Lanscape Requires a Different Tune

Well, since Edwards has dropped out of the race and now it’s between Obama and Clinton, I’m changing my tune.

Obama is our best bet for a win, as a result I’m supporting him as the nominee.

Why? Hillary can’t win a general election and here are what I think are the reasons why:

  • There are many people who will cast a vote against her vs. for McCain
  • If she is the nominee it will galvanize the Republicans behind McCain and will bring them together. Our best bet is to keep them fractured and complaining about McCain not being a real conservative. Hillary on the ticket will cause the folks who would otherwise stay home to run, not walk, to the polls to vote for McCain
  • She won’t get a single Republican vote and will get very few Independents
  • She doesn’t energize the youth vote like Obama. Obama will turn out the 18-25 like never before
  • She can’t say that she was against the war to begin with

So, unless you want to help put McCain in the White House and have four more years of a pseudo Bush administration, I would strongly suggest voting for Obama in the primaries.

I would much rather have a Democrat in the oval office when the next Supreme Court Justice retires.

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