Git Merge Conflict Resolution Cheat Sheet

Some of git’s nomenclature can be confusing, especially since it is context dependent. Following are some TLDR;s for dealing with resolving merge conflicts in different scenarios.

–ours vs –theirs

The meaning of --ours vs --theirs can depend on whether you are doing a rebase or a merge.

Assuming that the feature branch is checked out

git merge developgit rebase develop
To keep changes from develop--theirs--ours
To keep changes from feature--ours--theirs

If, during a rebase there is a conflict and you know you want to take ALL of the changes from the branch you are rebasing onto, or ALL of the changes from the feature branch you can do the following (note that --ours vs --theirs follows the same semantics as described in the table above):

# Take all changes from the branch on which you are rebasing
git checkout --ours <path-to-file>

# Or, if you want to take all of the changes from the feature branch
git checkout --theirs <path-to-file>

# Then you can
git add <path-to-file>
git rebase --continue

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