VS Code “Test result not found for:” When Running Tests for a Python Project [SOLVED]

I finally was able to get Visual Studio Code set-up correctly to run and debug unit and integration tests for a Python 3.8 project that I am working on (I’ll add a link to that post here once it is up).

After making some changes to the code and adding a test I got the following error when trying to debug the test:

Test result not found for: ./mylibs/integration_tests/myclient_integration_test.py::MyClientIntegrationTest::test_happy_path

? An odd error message, to be sure.

After a little while I figured out that when this happens it is ultimately the result of some syntax, interpretation error that occurs at runtime that the IDE may not flag as a problem for you.

Check the Output panel and click on the drop-down and select Python Test Log to see the stack trace of the error to see where you have a typo.

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