Configuring the Number of Workspaces on Ubuntu 12.10

I typically like to have more than 4 workspaces for my X Windows sessions.

Under Ubuntu 12.10 there is a little trickey involved in updating the default configuration.

First you need to install the compizconfig-settings-manager.  This will enable you to configure the workspace switcher and some other system configs.  Be careful, this will also allow you to break things so only configure what you understand via compizconfig-settings-manager.

Install ccsm:

  • # apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

To run invoke (as root):

  • # ccsm

To configure Workspace Switcher:

  • Go to ‘General Options’
  • Click on ‘Desktop Size’ tab
  • Edit the ‘Horizontal Virtual Size’ and ‘Vertical Virtual Size’ to add additional workspaces


Click the ‘Back’ and then the ‘Close’ button

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