Does Safari under Windows Render Pages Diferently than Safari Under Mac OS X?

The following is a set of composite screen shots that were generated to
answer the question: "Does Safari on Windows render pages the same way
that it renders pages on the Mac?".

My conclusion is that it does.

Click here to see the composite screen shots.

What I did was to take a screen shot of exactly the same web
page on a Windows XP machine running Safari 3.2.2 and a Mac running
3.2.1. I used pages that I knew contained complicated CSS layouts (I
know this because I designed and built them myself). I then composited
them in Photoshop, laying the Mac screen shot @ a 50% opacity over the
PC screen shot.

I was actually shocked to see how closely they rendered the
pages. In most cases, exactly, down to the font spacing. I have
included links to each of the pages below for viewers to check them for

Furthermore, when working on another project, I noticed that a
page wasn’t rendering correctly in Safari 3.2.1 on the Mac but was in
all other browsers on the PC. I checked it on the PC with Safari
version 3.2.2 and it rendered the exact same anomaly.

My conclusion is that the 3.2.x version of Safari renders pages the same under both Windows and Mac OS X.

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