How is a $4M ERP E-business sale like Selling Democracy in Iraq.

Simple:  in both cases you need to be dealing with a prospect (or invaded, defeated, and/or occupied country and people) that is ready for change, wants to move in that direction and has already been trying to do it for sometime.

Bascially, it needs to already be present in the corporate culture (in a business context) and culture of a people already.

People point to Japan and Germany as examples, however, they are way off the mark as far as parallels that are both implied and inferred.

  1. In 1945 Japan had been actively building a parliamentary democracy for 200 years.,
  2. Germanic culture already had the same democratic historical experience that most of Western Europe had experienced up until then.
  3. And I’ve got a couple of more that I’ll add as I do more research and refine this paper.

. . . more to come. . . . 

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