How to See SELinux Denials That Do Not Show In the audit.log

Or, otherwise know as: SELinux and Silent Denials.

Sometimes when troubleshooting SELinux issues, you will have added new policies for each of the denial causes written to the audit.log, but SELinux will still be denying access . . . and not giving you any further information about it in the audit.log.

Various processes often execute additional system calls that are above an beyond what they need to do for normal operation.  Many of them are blocked, and in order to keep filling the audit.log with harmless denials they are silently dropped.  These are defined by a set of dontaudit rules.

In order to temporarily disable them, issue the following command as root

 # semodule -DB

The -D option disables dontaudit rules and the B option will rebuild the policy.  After this runs, you should see additional information in the auditlog and with that information use audit2allow -i input-file -M output-file to build your .te and .pp files.

After debugging is complete run the following to re-enable the dontaudit rules.

 # semodule -B

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