Mr. Bush, are we really safer?

George W. Bush weighs in today about the airline bombing plot that was uncovered in Britain. He says that America is safer now than it was on September 11th, and indicates that it is a "stark reminder that his [Britain] nation is at war with Islamic fascists.".

It also seems that this is a stark reminder that almost 5 years since September 11th that we really aren’t any safer. We are simply dodging bullets and getting lucky enough not to let any of these plots come to fruition.

It is a stark reminder of the failed policies of the Bush administration in that there hasn’t been any progress made in the "war on terror".

With each plot that is revealed and held up to the media as a triumph, I suggest that it is further evidence of failure. Being successful in curbing terrorism isn’t a matter of catching these plots before they come to fruition, but on understanding and addressing the reasons why there are people who want to wage these sorts of attacks.

A "stark reminder"? Yes, that we are losing this so called war.

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