On WYSIWYIG HTML Editors and the jQuery.UI web user interface toolkit.

Building advanced web applications and frameworks often involves getting incompatible pieces from various projects to work together cohesively inside a majority of browsers. The more advanced the functionality, the more of a problem this becomes especially when you’re trying to support older and very broken browsers such as MSIE 6.0.

At the present moment, I’m involved in building a substantial ecommerce project with a desktop style interface that includes popup dialogs, drag and drop lists, multiple tabbed interfaces among other patterns. The desktop guys with all of their mature toolkits just don’t know how easy they have it in comparison.

For this particular project, we’re using the jQuery UI toolkit which is excellent. However,sometimes there are conflicts with other projects, such as the Xinha WYSIWYG Htmleditor control we use. Xinha does not like to be placed inside hidden divs. (Google maps has a similar issue as do most more advanced components).

I’ve written up a short summary of a solution to get these disparate pieces working together:

Xinha WYSIWYG HTMLEditor in jQuery.UI tabs

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