[SOLVED] Deleting remote git branch; By default, deleting the current branch is denied, because the next remote: ‘git clone’ won’t result in any file checked out, causing confusion

This is a common error encountered where you are renaming your default branch for the repository. If you have a repo hosted on GitHub or some other third-party service, there is likely some way in the GUI to change the default branch for a repo.

If you are hosting your own internal git repository you will need to SSH to that server and “checkout” a different branch from the one that you are trying to delete. In reality, the remote repository has a branch “checked out”. To change it, ssh to the remote host and cd into the <project>.git dir and run the following command to see the current branch

git symbolic-ref HEAD

This will show you the current branch that is “checked out”. To change it run

git symbolic-ref <new-branch>

Once you have done that, you can delete the old default branch.

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