Thunderbird not able to save to Sent or Drafts folder with an IMAP account

I’m migrating my workstation to CentOS 5.  I’ve decided it’s time to retire my old Mozilla suite install and upgrade to the latest of Firefox and Thunderbird.

If you are using an IMAP account, Thunderbird has an annoying bug whereby it hangs when attempting to copy a sent message to the Sent, or Drafts folder on the server.

Click on the Read More link for the fix . . . 
After quite a bit of searching and trial and error I discovered that by making a small change in the default setting for your account you can get Thunderbird to copy both sent messages and drafts to the server.

Open up the account settings:

Edit/Account Settings

And click on "Copies and Folders" for the account in question.  Under "When sending messages, automatically:" click on the radio button next to "Other" and then simply choose the name of the Sent folder on the server.

Do the same for the Drafts and you should be all set.

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