Unable to Set the Path To java.exe When Running Oracle SQL Developer Under Windows 7

I was trying to run Oracle SQL Developer for the first time on a new machine.  When firing it up, it presented me with a dialog box asking me to “Enter the full pathname for the java.exe file”.

OK, no problem.  So I find the path to the java.exe binary that was just installed with the SDK.  Hit submit . . . and nothing happens.  It blanks out the text field and the dialog box stares back at me.

I tried pointing it to the java.exe that was in the jre dir.  No joy.

After a lot of futzing around and doing some searches it turns out that there are a few things that you have to do to get it to run for the first time.

First, right-click on the Oracle SQL Developer short-cut and select “Run as Administrator”.

Then, in the dialog box, click Browse and navigate to the JDK that comes with the Oracle install.  For me it was in C:\Oracle11G\\jdk\bin\java.exe

Once I did that it fired right up.  I then quit, and ran it as my user and it seemed to start up just fine.

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