Who should really be apologizing for the fallout of Kerry’s gaff is Democrats

Unbelievable! Horrible! Worst thing that you could have done at this point in the campaign!

Kerry’s botched "joke" this past Monday? Nope. The fact that the Democrats cowered like spineless rats after the NeoCons went on the attack.They misssed their opportunity to take control of the final week in the campaign and remind everyone why they shouldn’t vote for the Republicans:

The completely botched war in Iraq
The Bush administration lying to the country about WMD
The Republican corruption in congress
The cover-up of a know pedophile in congress
The Republicans that have bankrupted our country
The torture of prisoners
The erosion of our civil rights and our constitution

. . . and I could go on and on . . .

If they had done it correctly, Kerry would be campaigning at every battle ground rally and using the aformentioned points to further erode any chance of Republican victory.

But, yet again, the Democrats run like scared children when the NeoCons go on the attack and they still haven’t learned the power of sticking together and staying on message.

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